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OOC: Ashura Essay [To be updated]

OOC: Ashura Essay [To be updated]

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Why yes.  I am amazing!
The EVO known as Rex Salazar, former Agent of Providence, has been residing in the City of Change for over a year and a half. He has also been an Angelii of Nautilus for six months. At the time of his Ascension, Rex had finished helping with the control of a massive influx of EVOs during a week long reality storm and was still living with his mentor, Starscream, on Pineapple Island. Not long before, Doctor Holiday and Sqwydd Awakened, finally granting Rex the friends from home he had so desperately wanted.

His first year in Nautilus brought a number of changes, a greater sense of responsibility chief among them. Rex's first few weeks in the city were spent griping about how there was nothing for a teenager like him to do, that he was needed at home to save the world and that life without his powers was made of fail. Over time and following a number of reality storms, meeting new people and taking bending lessons from Starscream, Rex began to experience the kind of slow yet steady evolution that caused more recently arrived Wakened from his world to see him as having matured overnight. Granted, there are parts of Rex's personality that still leave him acting like a kid at times, but this is largely due to his age and missing memories of his entire childhood.

A recent shift that really forced Rex to take up a good deal more responsibility and even get more in touch with his own emotions was the emptying of Pineapple Island. The most significant loss of them all was Starscream, who left to explore the multiverse and hopefully return one day as a Deva. The day mentor and student bid farewell to one another was the first time Rex could remember actually crying over anything. While Rex is truly one tough hombre in many respects, some of what he parades around is an act to help him function in the worst of situations – something he learned how to do at home due to his job with Providence. Starscream was like a father to Rex, someone who the teenager greatly respected and trusted, even to the point of allowing the Seeker to download most of his current memories for safe keeping. Only two people in Nautilus have managed to get Rex to open up enough to tell them he loves them, to actually use that word. One of them is Raye and the other was Starscream. For Rex to willingly bare such deep, heartfelt feelings like that is a big step for him, one that he was not previously willing to take due to how vulnerable it would make him feel. In departing, Starscream also left Rex with something of great importance that he trusted the young man to look after – an Allspark shard. To this day, it hangs around Rex's neck on a black cord alongside the “hope” charm from Raye and the silver pendant from Kairava, encased in solid silver colored gear pendant with a Decepticon insignia in the center.

And what Starscream began with Rex, Agent Six is continuing, though in a way that borders on learning via role reversal.

Minus his Decepticon mentor, Rex turned more of his attention toward his Providence family. Though he doesn't fully realize it, he is taking up the same role Starscream originally did with others – teaching them, helping them to adapt to life in the city and providing them with protection. Though it is often referred to as the “Holiday household” because the good Doctor was the one who chose the house, Rex is only Angelii under the roof and the strongest bender in the family. He's come to see himself as the guardian of that home and, as of late when the family he loves so much has started to come apart, he's made the effort to be an adult and try to hold it together. He is slowly but surely coaxing Six out of his shell, wanting more from the man than just a business partnership. Rex now fully recognizes Six as his father, less and less afraid to talk to him about how he really feels. At the same time, Rex is also starting to realize how important Holiday is to him; she is no longer a potential love interest in his eyes, but somewhere between a parent and an older sister he can turn to for heart-to-heart conversations. Rex also owned up to his past sins against his old gang, bringing him closer to Sqwydd. More than anything, he wants his adopted brother to know that nothing about him now is fake, that all his concerns and cares for Sqwydd are genuine.

Recently, Rex also began work to fix things between himself and Sideswipe. The two have a long history of ugly arguments and screaming matches, but Rex has grown weary of all the fighting and is interested in trying to patch things up. He doesn't expect friendship, but merely hopes for mutual tolerance at least. He knows now that, in the long run, holding childish grudges really isn't in the best interest of anyone.

Perhaps the biggest responsibility and change of all has been facing himself, however. The Shadow Event forced Rex to see the monster within and admit that, yes, it could one day emerge. While this realization brought him low for a while, making him acknowledge that he is not as pure and special as he once believed, it has also forced him to face the task of mastering himself. And that need only became more important when, during the recent Canon AU Swap Event, Rex killed Six and nearly succumbed to his own nanite defense protocol due to emotional and mental trauma. In that instance, so great was Rex's love for Six and so horrified was he with his own actions that he didn't just cry, but rather broke down sobbing. Due to recent occurrences in their home world that involve Six losing six years worth of memories and thus forgetting all of Providence, Rex fears his partner leaving Nautilus in any way, whether voluntarily or through death. Exiting the city could mean he might never return.

As an Angelii, Rex is a dedicated, fierce protector of Nautilus, as well as someone willing to help others in their bending and combat training. Teleportation has become a favored power of his, allowing him to reach those in need and newcomers quickly. Additionally, he has mastered the ability to take others with him when he teleports, even over distances as great as from one end of the city to the other. And though he has yet to exercise his Angelii abilities as part of a world repair team, doing so is definitely on his list of future endeavors. There is one in particular he would like to attend to - the one Crawford Sands Woke from. Crawford has since returned to Sleep, but Rex knows his friend's world was likely damaged and repairing it is the only way he has left to prove his loyalty and friendship.

While he is young, Rex is a quick and eager learner who has fully accepted his many roles in Nautilus. Friend, son, brother, teacher, protector. Though he can be an extremely effective wrecking machine in combat, he is also a natural healer and repairman in his own way, able to use his abilities to cure EVOs and fix broken machinery. He is someone who is always wanting to do and be more, never down and out for long and always pressing ahead no matter how difficult life becomes. And even though he can still be given over to immature behavior now and then, one can always count on him to be on his game when the chips are down. The higher position of power with Ashura Ascension would be dizzying for Rex at first, but it would be a responsibility that he would fully embrace in the long run and use to the benefit of Nautilus and its people, as well as for the multiverse on the whole.
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