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OOC: Episode Listing with Canon Updates for The Wake RP

OOC: Episode Listing with Canon Updates for The Wake RP

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Hanging with Monster Guy.  I mean...Ben!
Those episodes listed in BOLD TEXT are currently included in Rex's canon updates. Episodes in plain text have yet to be experienced.

(It should be noted that "The Hunter" is being included in its original slot of episode eight, based on its production code 693-008. Given subject matter of the episode, it makes more sense to have it slotted in pre-"Operation Wingman." "Rock My World" has been inserted in it's original air date for non-US stations, post "Double Vision.")

Season One
1) The Day that Everything Changed
2) String Theory
3) Beyond the Sea
4) Lockdown
5) The Architect (Point of Awakening)
6) Frostbite
7) Leader of the Pack (Canon Update #1)
8) The Hunter
9) Breach
10) Dark Passage
11) The Forgotten
12) Operation Wingman (Canon Update #2)
13) Rabble (Canon Update #3)
14) Gravity
15) What Lies Beneath
16) The Swarm
17) Basic
18) Plague
19) Promises, Promises
20) Badlands
21) Payback

Season Two
1) Rampage
2) Waste Land
3) Lost Weekend
4) Alliance
5) Robo Bobo
6) Divide by Six
7) Mixed Signals
8) Outpost (Canon Update #4)
9) Haunted
10) Moonlighting
11) Without a Paddle
12) Written in Sand
13) Night Falls
14) Hard Target (Canon Update #5)
15) A Family Holiday
16) Exposed
17) Grounded
18) Six Minus Six
19) Lions and Lambs (Canon Update #6)

Season Three
1) Back in Black
2) Crash and Burn
3) Phantom of the Soap Opera
4) Riddle of the Sphinx
5) Double Vision
6) Rock My World
7) Guy vs Guy
8) Black and White
9) Deadzone
10) Assault on Abysus
11/12) Heroes United [GR/Ben 10 Crossover]
13) Remote Control (Canon Update #7)
14) A Brief History of Time
15) Mind Games
16) Hermanos
17) Target: Consortium
18) Enemies Mine
19) End Game, part 1
20) End Game, part 2

Timeline Notations:
It should be noted that the series begins five years after the Nanite Event takes place. Rex's anniversary with Providence/his "birthday" is celebrated one year after his arrival at Providence at the end of season one in "Promises, Promises." Early in season two at the start of the episode "Waste Land", Six makes the comment that Rex's current memory set is eighteen months old. Time continues to pass and by the end of "Lions and Lambs", a complete six month shift has taken place.

It can therefore be assumed via those references that Rex was likely with Providence no more than six months by the time events of the first episode take place. His total time with Providence by the end of "Lions and Lambs" must be more than two years as it is chronologically impossible for it to be less and likely closer to two and a half years, possibly three. As he was estimated to be age fifteen at the series start, it can then be assumed by that point in time that Rex is (probably) roughly seventeen years old. (This is keeping in mind that in this series, time travel has not been perfected and a living creature's true age will catch up with it within hours if it travels ahead in time. Therefore, even though Rex did not actually live through the six month time skip in "Lions and Lambs", his body should have automatically aged that extra six months post arrival in the future.)

(Also note that my math on this ignores every "five years ago" reference to the Nanite Event post first episode, including the "six years" of lost time in "Six Minus Six." For whatever reason, the writers stubbornly stuck to the five year mark until later into season 3 no matter how much time continued to pass in canon even though it is incorrect.)
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