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Start a Revolution

Let loose and everything will be alright!

Rex Salazar

No fear of falling...


June 16th, 2025

Wanna leave some feedback about the one EVO wrecking machine? Do it here! Anon and screening are enabled, IP logging is off.

Player contact journal: straya

For character relationships, history and details about Rex @ thewake_rp, check out his section at the Wake Wiki (though it is currently in need of an update).

A notation about Rex's use of Spanish.Collapse )

April 18th, 2025

Permissions Post

Choked and pinned?!

Backtagging: Absolutely. My job sometimes slows me down a bit, so no problems with this at all.
Threadjacking: I'm all for it, as long as it doesn't turn into a case where two other characters tag for an obscenely long chain of comments and/or lock Rex out of it. If it looks like the thread is going to run more than 20-25 tags between both characters, I'd appreciate the conversation being taken to a new post where the other two characters can continue their conversation.
Fourthwalling: If any other characters did actually know anything about Rex and his canon... For the most part, HELL YES. This is an opportunity for confusion, embarrassment and hilarity. The only time I would like to discuss this first is if it involves something crucial to Rex's lost memories. Otherwise, go for it!
Offensive subjects: I have yet to really run into problems with offensive material, but if you're not sure, check in with me.

NAUTILUS CITY SHIFTS AND GIFTS: If you want to request something major in my stead, such a physical alterations (Rex turning into an animal for example), please ask me first. If you are requesting something minor, such a gifts of clothing, toys, other items, please alert me to the request on SotG so I can 1) be aware of it and 2) agree to or turn it down. If I request something myself, I obviously want it and will receive a notif if it's approved. There have been instances in the past where other players have requested things for my characters, however, and they were things I didn't want or didn't find out about until much later. (And you will know if I found out on my own because I will comment to you on the SotG. If no comment ever comes, I'm oblivious to the request.)


Casual Contact: Pats on the back, hand on the shoulder, it's all fine.
Hugging: Oh my god everyone ever hugs this kid in canon. He's used to it. Though if he doesn't like the character doing the hugging, he'll probably push them away.
Kissing: Sure! Reactions will vary depending on what he thinks of the character doing the kissing, of course. At worst, they'll get shoved. At best, he'll kiss back. XD
Flirting: Feel free. He's something of a terrible flirt, himself.
Fighting: Rex loves to fight, so yes. Just be warned that he's quite tough and has one hell of a bag of tricks. (See the next two parts for further information.)
Causing Injury: Yes, to an extent. I'm okay with him being knocked around, thrown into/through walls, bruised, cut and stabbed. His machines may also be smashed/destroyed if hit with enough force. For anything really gory like loss of his real limbs or other types of nasty disfigurement, check in with me first.
Killing: No. Please discuss this with me well in advance (especially since Rex is about as easy to kill as a damn cockroach).
Mind Reading: He's definitely readable. I do want to have a say on what's there to read in any given log/thread, however, mostly so the wrong info doesn't end up out in the open before I'm ready for it to be there. (Also keep in mind that some of what's in Rex's head is not openly accessible even to him.)
Stealing Items or Data/Pulling Pranks: For stealing, check in with me so we can discuss what belongings are okay to swipe. I'm all for pranks, however! Rex is a something of a prankster, though, so be aware that revenge may be forthcoming. ;)

May 15th, 2024

Those episodes listed in BOLD TEXT are currently included in Rex's canon updates. Episodes in plain text have yet to be experienced.

(It should be noted that "The Hunter" is being included in its original slot of episode eight, based on its production code 693-008. Given subject matter of the episode, it makes more sense to have it slotted in pre-"Operation Wingman." "Rock My World" has been inserted in it's original air date for non-US stations, post "Double Vision.")

Cent for length, seasons one, two and three!Collapse )

December 5th, 2011

The EVO known as Rex Salazar, former Agent of Providence, has been residing in the City of Change for over a year and a half. He has also been an Angelii of Nautilus for six months. At the time of his Ascension, Rex had finished helping with the control of a massive influx of EVOs during a week long reality storm and was still living with his mentor, Starscream, on Pineapple Island. Not long before, Doctor Holiday and Sqwydd Awakened, finally granting Rex the friends from home he had so desperately wanted.

Essay continued...Collapse )

April 6th, 2011

Strictly Canon!
1) "Revolution" - Orange (Official Theme)
2) "Ghetto-Blasta" - Orange (The volleyball game, "Beyond the Sea")
3) "Never Going Out Again" - Orange (Road trip, "The Architect")
4) "Catching Up" - Orange (Opening EVO fight, "Dark Passage")
5) "Loser" - Flashback Heart Attack
6) "Bark or Bite" - Happy Campers (Rex and the cadets versus EVOs, "Basic")
7) "Straight Outta Luck" - The Gc5 (Rex versus Gatlocke, "Badlands")

Destiny vs. Possibility
1) "Anything at All" (Instrumental) - Gary Phillips
2) "The Chase" (Instrumental Version) - Manafest
3) "It's So Good" (Instrumental) - Joe Satriani
4) "Motorcycle Driver" (Instrumental) - Joe Satriani
5) "Wanderer on the Offensive" (Instrumental OC Remix, Shadow of the Colossus) - Sixto Sounds, Steppo, zircon
6) "Theme from Jets 'n' Guns" (Instrumental) - Machinae Supremacy
7) "Hero" (Instumental version) - Machinae Supremacy
8) "Move Along" - All American Rejects
9) "When We Stand Together" - Nickelback
10) "The Antidote" - Story of the Year
11) "The Touch" - Stan Bush
12) "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" - Daft Punk
13) "Ignition" - Toby Mac
14) "No Plan B" - Manafest
15) "Bring the Ruckus" - Manafest
16) "Let it Roll" - Divide the Day
17) "The Pretender" - The Foo Fighters
18) "Know Your Enemy" - Green Day
19) "Taking You Down" - Egypt Central
20) "Show Me What You've Got" - Powerman 5000
21) "Everybody Get Dangerous" - Weezer
22) "Ready to Roll" - Jet Black Stare
23) "Get Thru This" - Art of Dying
24) "Monster" - Skillet

Character / Event Specific
1) "Secret Agent Man" - Blues Traveler (Agent Six)
2) "Sparkle and Shine" - Econoline Crush (Starscream)
3) "Boost Me" (Instrumental) - Trevor Rabin (KITT)
4) "The Look" - Roxette (Raye Hino)
5) "Falling In" - Lifehouse (Rex and Raye)
6) "Get Back Up" - Toby Mac (Rex and Starscream)
7) "Escape From Hellview" - CKY (The Zombie Invasion Event)
8) "After the Fall" (Instrumental) - Two Steps from Hell (Nautilus)
9) "Bump in the Night" (Instrumental, Gears of War 2) - Steve Jablonsky (Labyrinth)
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